Move over, Duck Man Robertson and Chick Fil A owner Cathy. Kirsten Dunst is ready for her turn on the Catherine Wheel with the Lavender Mafia:

We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking – its a valuable thing my mum created. And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armour.  I’m sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That’s why relationships work.

Oh, you silly goose. You thought you could get away with standing up for what is true and just.


Og at Neanderpundit touched on how automation gets us fewer jobs for the same production.  Ed at Atomic Fungus also mentioned the jobless recovery, and that there will be swaths of the population that are made for simple factory life and not geniuses to be brainiacs in the office, and now that the factory job has either been automated or moved offshore, how will we deal with the realization that a good chunk of the formerly employed population will now be permanently unemployable?

The Google Car will be the next event horizon in employment.  If all the working men (and women) involved in transport were accounted for, they would make an army to rival the world’s largest.  Once you have the Google driverless car so competent it gets issued a state license to drive, the commercial trucking industry is next in the crosshairs of automation.  So we’ve made cab, bus, and limo drivers, chauffeurs and conductors of all types, and now freight hauling truckers and train engineers, obsolete.  The GPS can make farming farmerless: it now tells him where to drop the seed in the hole with pinpoint precision, so why have a him to tell at all?  Same for the harvest at the other end of the season.  I’ve been in the Chrysler Belvediere (Illinois) plant, where the only reason there’s a light on is for the safety of the maintenance personnel and for the cameras to record any anomaly in the line.  The assemblers are robots, and the forklifts are directed by pegs in the floor.  Granted, this is rudimentary first generation limited driverless work, but once the Google car gets smart enough, there go your forklift and heavy machinery drivers, as well as crane operators.

Aaron Clarey, and Ken Nubo before him, showed how the university system is not involved in producing professionals for careers as much as being a production line for degrees.  And how many are employed in a job other than their trained career, and how many in a job they could’ve gotten without the $80,000 degree?  Companies are today loathe to bring in people off of the street and train them as they did until the 1980′s.  So what’s the answer, to have people in college for 8 years with $300,000 of debt, and still not be sure of a job in the field as employers get more and more rarefied in their hiring expectations?

The Bell Curve exists for a reason, with half of people under 100 IQ, and the massive bulge of society within a couple of deviations from the 100 IQ mean.  There is no Lake Wobegon where all the kids are above average, and everyone has the 150 IQ, handsome/pretty face, and impeccable social graces to please employers who only have supercharged jobs you need to train for years to get right to offer.  We may come to a point where we can no longer have a dignified, honest job for everyone with the morals and initiative to want to earn their keep.  Oscar Wilde in The Soul of Man Under Socialism predicted a Renaissance of man as he no longer was slave to toil, and could rise to artistic and intellectual greatness.  A quick look at our public housing system where its residents have been free of work for three generations so far shows the opposite.

May you live in interesting times.


Entertain the thought that maybe, just maybe, the Reverend Fred Phelps, the same registered Democrat who ran for office five times as a Democrat and who was never a Republican, was talked one day into creating a character, a bombastic character that would rival any World Wrestling Federation nut, and have people naturally assume that the character is not only real, but that it correctly projects a true image of the average right wing conservative.

Of course, the character would have to be a real person, not a fictional character, so as not to be outed as a Potemkin Village of a man.  And he’d have to be an ordained minister, since the conservative right flowed from the churches.  His being a fat, pasty white guy also fit nicely into the narrative.  And bombastic, someone who shouts superlatives and extremes as his normal speech since a conservative is too dense to be calm and rational, much less to appreciate nuance and know there are levels to everything.

Now Mr. Phelps, you’re tapped to be this guy.  You don’t want to be hated?  Oh, the public will hate the conservative exaggerated parody you portray, but the ones close to you will know.  Half the guys in the WWF are hated rivals so there can be beloved good guys for whom the paying customers can root.  Besides, you and your family will never want for anything again.  The added plus is that as you keep on being the Westboro pastor Phelps, the people who you hate, true conservatives, they are the people that the general public will grow to hate more and more the more you portray the Christian Conservative parody.  We even have an ultra-liberal talk show with a lesbian secular Jewish (you can’t get better liberal props than that) hostess where you can launch your new conservative nutjob act and have it soar nationwide.

His church was independent, and never directly connected to any Baptist confession in spite of the name on the marquee.  Its only congregation was his immediate family.  Yet he and they were able to afford to cross the country with no expense unmet; how did they earn the money?  Can you come up with a more blatant front?  No conservative individual or group would make allegiance or even fellowship with Phelps, yet the press portrayed him as a sort of spokesman for the religious right. Right to Live rallies in the dead cold of January turn out hundreds of thousands every year, but they get ignored by the press so the nation thinks they don’t happen, but a rally by four members of the Westboro church, there’s ten minutes of a thirty minute news show.

America, you’ve been punked!


This society tends toward the plain, the unadorned, the bland, and celebrates the ugly.  Look at the unemployment line during the 1930′s Depression on  Every man there is in a suit and hat.  Look at old product logos.  AT&T had this in 1939.  It told you what they did, and who they were.  1939 ATT Logo

Now they have this.  What the hell does this tell you about AT&T?AT&T_globe

I went to a church in Chicago that celebrates the old Latin Rite Tridentine Mass, but this time I went for their celebration of the New Mass.  I never saw the new Mass said this reverently.  If not for the language being English and the greatly reduced mannerisms, you’d think it was a stripped down Tridentine Mass.  I now understand people who knew the old Mass and why many were upset about how the new one came crashing in and their ornate sanctuaries got stripped of beauty.

And stock certificates.  The one for Dell at least has the spider web border. Dell Stock

but it’s nothing like this baby from 100 years previous:  Mining Stock

In the 1980′s, women wore makeup and permed their hair, wore dresses, and were feminine  Linda Purl

Today, this is voted the most eligible bachelorette in New York City by OK Cupid: 2014 Girl

Oh, for the love of God, where did we go wrong?  But as it goes, the lack of striving for the beautiful in the visual begets the lack of striving for it in other aspects, and so you get ugly slogan shouting instead of ideals.  We have gone from putting love and beauty into the most humble of roadside rural chapels Orthodox Chapel

to the ghastly Mies God Box.  God Box


I feel like whizzing all over someone’s shoes, so here I am.  I may post more, or I may not.  I’m rather fed up anyway, and now with many of the so-called conservatives as much as with the usual idiot Left.  The Dems can make alliances between groups that hate each other otherwise, but the GOP cannot get groups with bleed over in their Venn diagrams to support each other.  So if you won’t support me, to hell with you then too.  Oh, that’s un-Christian?  It’s normally non-Chrstians who say that, so who cares.  When I say “That’s wrong,” I get “Don’t impose your morals on me; we’re a secular nation.”  Then when I suggest that we should’ve released plague into Afghanistan to win the war without American casualties, I get, “You need to be more Christlike.”  Sometimes the situation calls for turning over tables and bull whipping those who are in sore need of it.  I make a sad excuse of a martyr anyway, and much more fit the bill for crusader.  Passive is not my mode of operation.

I laugh when I see the crunchy granola so-called poor-loving former hippies supporting the worst rober baron capitalists since Vanderbilt and Carnegie as they bitch about Koch Brothers.  The Kochs are a known entity and no one tries to explain them away.  Soros working with the Nazis pointing out which properties were owned by Jews, now that requires some gymnastics that an Olympic gymnast would have trouble performing.  Never mind that both parties have long ago effed the common man.  Both sides support the wage depressing flood of illegal immigrants.  Obama goes to West Virginia and tells the coal miners to their faces that he was going to shut down their industry and end their way of life and they yelled “Whee!” and put him in, then wondered “W’happ’n?” when their mines shuttered.  Same for Trumka who thought the ACA was tits until companies were dumping his rank and file onto the public exchanges, then he decided it was toxic.

Indiana passes Right to Work and experiences extremely low revenues for this year so far.  You’re not going to get money from people who make $7-10 an hour, you idiots.  There used to be a situation where you could walk out your door and go somewhere where you made a good living, at least adequate for a family to not starve and at least have an apartment, and they trained you if they liked you and wanted to keep you.  And if the place was a circus, you got on the bus and hired in at the place 5 minutes west of there, and dropped anchor if it was a good fit.  The worst you were was broke, and you earned while you learned, and it didn’t ruin the company.  Now these companies got people suckered into front loading $80,000+ of education with not even a guarantee of a job, so you can as easily end up in a coffeehouse as in the job of your skill-set.

When BMW hinted it was building a plant in Slovakia as soon as that country got founded so it can make Bimmers with $10 an hour Slovak labor instead of $20 German labor, the free state of Bayern said very well, but if you did, you’d be banned from selling BMWs in Bavaria, forever.  BMW didn’t build the plant.  I’d die if an American Congressman had that set of balls.


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