Well, the antifa (which I figure they named to sound like the antifida, the populist uprising of Palestinians against the hated Jew) is in full swing, with its billionaire backing. See, the left is all for people’s uprisings, especially fake ones, as long as it’s the right people. You think the government will protect you against leftist rebels? The mayor of Berkeley is a member of antifa and supporter of its street violence. One of the antifa members who was doxxed in spite of his wearing a face covering turns out to be a teacher in a local university so yeah, it is the establishment fighting in the streets against you. The police will be there for you? Ha, these are the people who give the police their orders.

All the Trump worshipers can go home now. It would’ve been worse under the Harridan, then when her illness got bad, under Kaine, and Trump is somewhat a brake on a long and heavy train, but now you see that except for a few smattering of crumbs thrown to the working class, it’s the same old situation. He filled offices with Goldman Sachs people, doing a lot of the same old neocon stuff.

But the left keeps on with its disturbance of civic life. And as it does so, discrediting conservatives as Worse than Hitler and carrying on like stuck pigs if someone doesn’t marry their freaks or actively participate in their crap (it was never about baking a cake, the bakers were expected to stand in the wedding). Fine, drive out the religious right from public discourse. Now let’s have the atheist right take up the guide-on.


Well left, you got what you wanted. If Rev. Billy Graham and grandmas with Right to Life praying outside of baby murder stations are Worse than Hitler, don’t cry when you create a vacuum where you get the worst, and then don’t have recourse because you cried wolf so many times, no one will buy it when you do run into Worse than Hitler. You will create Worse than Hitler, not the conservatives. You love death and deviation so much, don’t cry when the other side flips and finds those things attractive to them, too. Look at how much love the right showed that Milo already; they don’t care what he does with whomever or his defense of young love as long as he supports their cause, no different than left support for the Alan Ginsbergs and Roman Polanskis. When the leftist reverends speak of abortion and euthanasia as secular sacraments and you even have reverends blessing abortion facilities, what’s the difference between a random application of this killing and a more planned scientific program if the right accepts them too. And since you shamed the religiosity out of them, if there really is no after life and we are all nothing but animated meat who forget we even existed upon death like your IFL Science folk hammer, what moral high ground do you have to complain about then?

At least in 1980s Poland and Czechoslovakia they had an already disparaged left that had no standing as they were deposed in favor of nationalist populists who had no hatred of other groups, just a want to make Poland good for the Poles, a Czech Republic for the Czechs, then when the Slovaks wanted their own land not shared with another large group, a peaceful division birthing a Slovak state. The Baltic states may have forcibly expelled the Russians who were forcibly moved in to purposely dilute the local ethnic population during Soviet days, but they didn’t corral and kill them.

But our precious left will with its Che worship will birth a quite different right in its wake. As much as I loathe and am disgusted by the left, I greatly fear the right that they will gin up. Mainly because the right will become populated with leftist warriors who flip once the tide turns, so you’ll have the same amoral, bloodthirsty beast in different clothing.

I’m just amazed at the hate the left has for the Jewish State and Netanyahu, who’s doing his hardest to ensure its survival. Of course their antifa leader is a self-hating Jew who spent his teens pointing out properties owned by his folk so the Nazis could seize them. The right wing hatred of Jews is as tiresome as hearing blacks always blame whitey for the fact that they the blacks themselves buy up neighborhoods of housing at a discount and it is all in a demolished state within 10 years, or how we “forced” them onto crack in the 80s. The Jew runs the dope and porn industries? It’s whitey who dumps his money into that by the billions. It was 100% WASP owned industries who created the horrendous pay and conditions of the Industrial Revolution and as I look over the Pacific, it’s Chinese poisoning Chinese with pollution and bad working conditions. To me the Englishman had more to do with world domination than and Jews. Of course when all goes bad the higher-ups will shield themselves and it will be the Jewish mom and pop storefront owners and regular working doctors and accountants and such facing the mob. Same as it ever was. I understand the Euro American being tired of taking the blame for everything up to eclipses and earthquakes (oops, fracking, they cause earthquakes, too, evil white man!) but dang, quit acting like feminists who simultaneously say women are equal and should be in combat with men while crying foul when a guy socks one in the mouth when she’s swinging away in a street skirmish.



I cannot think of purpose to any more posts. It doesn’t edify or convince, it’s preaching to the choir. All it does is provide a rope to those who would hang you. I simply want to survive the troubles long enough to see those who caused it get it before me. But here’s a parting shot.

The reds like William Ayers and Saul Alinsky want blood in the streets. Fair enough. They are the culture of death who promote abortion as a holy sacrament, and perverted deviance as a lifestyle, to force those who know better to celebrate, though it’s a societal dead end, while destroying and deriding life affirming and propagating traditional marriage. They were anti-war as long as a guy they didn’t like was in charge, but didn’t see a war they didn’t like under Clinton or Obama. In the name of civil rights and equality they reduced a huge percentage of the blacks to a state of kept pets. Liars and deceivers in all they do. They then call anyone who disagrees a bigoted hater. But I have never seen as white of a gathering as a Lollapalooza concert, and the liberal hipster takeover of a neighborhood is nothing short of an ethnic cleansing of it from being a black ghetto to a white boutique pitti-pat lane so thorough you’d think Bull Connor was in charge of real estate sales. I’ve been to Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean, and other left of center activities and ethnically may as well had been at a David Allen Coe concert. Just about anything Sanders related has seemed to be just as blindingly white. Blacks seem to have noticed too, as they all vote Hilary and leave Sanders with a voter record that could pass as one George Wallace would’ve had. I’ve lived and worked in more diverse climates then they’d dare to enter, and I don’t hate but also don’t put on a pedestal anyone not of my ethnicity. But I’m the savage animal.

But there is a critical mass of people who have said, “Screw it, I’m a bigot. No matter what I do to put my head up my ass to see life from your point of view, if I disagree with the Affordable Care Act or the policy in Syria, or if I say no two men don’t make a marriage and you can’t stand on my parish’s steps with a marriage certificate demanding nuptuals, I’m a Klansman and a hatey McHatehate for the rest of my life, so I’m tired of holding out, and accept my role as a bigot.” Also, promoting and living on Gospel teachings is hate speech. This has caused Trump to lead in the primary. And the left caused it. Happy? You took a large cadre of people, made villians out of them, and secularized them. So if they’re bigots anyway, how can you marvel when some students hold up white power signs at a basketball game? I’m tired of Sanders saying whites don’t know poverty because they’re not black, as well as poor whites being called losers and the butt of jokes and nasty articles that wouldn’t be considered fit for print if it was about any other group. I don’t have to degrade myself to make you better, and resent those who insist this be the case. I shouldn’t have to train my Indian or Indonesian H1B replacement and shut up about it because I’m racist for wanting to stop the open border of job stealers.

As of this date I still think Trump is a Hilary game, but that does not keep me from admiring that he drew out the conservative populists en masse. They may not have intended to do so, and they may not know they awoke a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve. The fact that the press and establishment of both parties are against him make me support his run. The leftists over a 2 week period on Twitter ginned up a revolt in Chicago, and are being as superlative as they can to get him killed. That makes me like him. Soros said he’s slicing open the purse and giving boucou money to fight Trump makes me support Trump. In the vein of “I like him for the qualities of his enemies,” the fact that GOP elite with a number of billionaires of both D and R ilk had a secret, invite-only meeting on a secluded Georgia island makes me a super fan of his campaign. Now, I hope he proves me wrong if elected, but I expect him to preside as a Hilary Democrat instead of as a Vladimir Zhirinovsky, but if I’m wrong I’ll be a surprised and happy pessimist.

I will not hang my head in shame of my heredity. I will not pay reparations when trillions were spent on both the Great Society and White Flight where vast tracts of the best urban landscape were sold to the Africans just to see them piddle it all away into a wasteland. I don’t cotton to the debasement and destruction of the American of European descent as an answer to past misdeeds, and resent the 1% elite destroying the Euro-American blue and white collar worker through illegal labor, offshoring, quotas, other HR mickey-mousing, union busting, drug abuse glorifying, or culture destroying. And when the authorities hired to protect the nation allow foreigners to rape our teenaged women (like in Rotherham, England), refuse to arrest them when they rape-riot on New Year’s Eve (like in Cologne, Germany), or be told (thank God some refused and did their jobs anyway) not to arrest anyone trying to shut down a legal and paid-for presidential rally (like in Chicago, Illinois), I can’t think of any other term than treason to describe such a dereliction of duty in the name of Political Correctness. Hell, even the Lincoln/Douglas debates on the eve of the Civil War were safe to attend for audience and candidate alike, and when South Carolina seceded and the break-up began, West Point allowed Southern students to quickly pack and return to their respective states if they wished to not serve the Union.

But this is a dangerous thing, a rise of the people; not the brigands with nothing to lose, but those who lost enough and want to get it back. The ones really in charge killed Huey Long then sullied his memory, damn nearly offed FDR, got both Kennedys. They hobbled Reagan who was a fire & brimstone populist at the beginning of his 1980 campaign until he was “spoken to” and saddled with CIA chief and connected One Worlder Bush once it became apparent he wasn’t going away like the past 2 times. Maybe Teddy Roosevelt lived through his trust busting and regulating the big corporate octopus because like an Andrew Jackson, he was too mean to die. Ike warned us about what was on the horizon, and Nixon did what he could at the time. “But he made too many enemies, of the people who would keep us on our knees, hooray for Donald J. Trump, hooray for Donald John Trump!” – no apologies for changing the XTC lyrics.

We can either have a center-right government of responsible adults hash this all out as has happened across Eastern Europe, or they can brand everyone Hitler and usher in a Hitler. Even Israel is done with the left, 50% polled being center or center-right, 40% right wing Netanyahu fans. Remember, it was the communists who did everything they could to undercut the Weimar Republic that made it possible for a Hitler, who at first was only able to get people to his rallies via free beer. It was the commies who fomented a revolution against all traditional institutions church state and family in the Gramsican way in post WW I Italy that led to Mussolini’s “everything in the state, nothing outside the state” true Fascist rule where he replaced his party for the institutions once they were discredited by the reds. Red kidnappings and violence preceded the Pinochet and Argentine junta takeovers.

Too many people just trying to get by are harmed in a revolt, and many of the rats find a way off the ship when the troubles come close to them. But there are too many reds who want blood in the streets to make me think I’ll die peacefully in my sleep in a quiet little hamlet. I try to not hate since it is demonic energy not of the Lord (there I go with my religious, bigoted hate speech again), but damn these liberals bring out the purple-black hatred from my veins. “I hate them for making hate necessary.” – Michael Collins

Want me to be less of a bible thumper. Fine. How do you like me now?


I figure Sarah Palin endorses Trump because of the way the GOP establishment gave her the treatment and the bum’s rush in 2008 and afterward. They used her to woo the blue collar conservatives with her populist credentials, but expected her to shut up and do the beauty queen wave for McCain, and were shook up when she outshone him, as evidenced by the Palin/McCain stickers and banners that soon appeared at rallies. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, and if getting Trump the nomination will be a sword in the ribs of those who damaged her, well, there goes it.

But other conservatives who support him, I don’t get their blindness.  This is the new Fred Phelps, the Southern Poverty Law Center lawyer and lifelong liberal D who took on the Andrew Dice Clay like Westboro persona to smear Christian conservatives. Except Trump is there to be a lightning rod for hate to transfer it to the whole conservative movement.


The Bundys think enough of this to warrant a sit-in in a federal facility.  The Hammonds already turned themselves in to serve the remainder of their lengthened sentence. I know you can’t re-prosecute someone for the same crime as per the double jeopardy taboo. I don’t know if changing the sentence of an already convicted person 1) is double jeopardy, and 2) if it isn’t, if it is even legal anyway. The statute requiring a minimum of five years was there before the conviction; the judge simply failed to make sure the sentence complied. Now I know that if a law gets beefed up to put a longer term upon the convicted, that new harsher sentence only takes effect upon those convicted after the bill becomes law, and does not apply to older convictions. There may be something in that idea which can fight against this appellate decision to re-sentence. Small towns being what they are, extended relatives of the Hammonds testified against them in the trial, pointing out that they were free and easy with their duties, and even doing them on days when burning was forbidden.

Now arson is a powerful word which carries felony status with it. Law dictionaries vary with the modern term (common law meant the burning of another’s house), but universally it involves the destruction of improvements by fire on another’s land, or defrauding an insurer whether the improvement was theirs or yours. Controlled burns, despite being burns, are seen as a beneficial turn for the fallow area. The Hammond ranch land was burned to better it; I cannot see the unimproved federal land being called anything worthy of the term damaged. I’m curious as to how they ended up with an arson conviction vs. damage to public property, with even that a stretch. If anything, a stiff fine to discourage future carelessness, but sitting in prison?

The press won’t print anything objective, and one has to glean from commenters. It’s like heating a 5 gallon stock pot of water, then throwing a potato into it and presto, it’s potato soup.


In 2005, Muslims have a fit about a swirl on a Burger King ice cream cup that they say looks like a script  of the Arabic word for Allah, and Burger King promptly removes the swirl to appease them.

In 2015, Christians get annoyed, but not to the level of Muslim offendedness, about Merry Christmas being removed from Starbucks’ Christmas cups, and they are ridiculed for pointing that out as Starbucks effectively says kiss out collective ass and fails to change a single thing.

At least WordPress kept the snow for Christmas. Hooray for bread crumbs.


The story of Mexican drug lord El Chapo going to war against ISIS turned out to be a hoax, but Giovanni Gambino told ISIS the Mafia will fight them if they hit NYC again, and the earliest fire returned against jihadists who shot up Paris a month ago came from drug dealers illegally carrying who had their deals interrupted.

In the meantime, your government, as well as the candidates seeking election, are in agreement that you the citizen are to blame for your predicament, and they offer you no protection. But a former KGB chief in the former Evil Empire is directly fighting the Muslim threat to civilization while westerners go off by the hundreds to fight for the enemy, as the public school system that cannot train them to be star employees sure can train them to hate their own culture.

Then they wonder in astonishment why oh why a clown prince who spent hardly anything so far is the toast of the town.


I guess a bankrupt society gets that way the same way financial bankruptcy happens; very slowly, then all at once. It makes it all not worth writing about, since writing just gives the other side ammo, not that they won’t make it all up as they go anyway.

It’ll all keep going until the Eagle fails to land twice in a row in welfare mailboxes, or there is an interruption in the sports or t.v. schedule. Bread and circuses, you know.

Though I cling to the thought that Trump entered the race as an agent provocateur to mess the GOP up for a Hilary win, at least they’re entertaining about it. There is no way they’ll let a true populist who would bring a fair deal to the mass of people get in. They’d ruin him the way they went after Palin, or they’d shun him into oblivion like Huckabee and Santorum. If that doesn’t work, they’d snuff him.

I fail to see what the ruling class sees in ruining the county’s traditions and morals, safe neighborhoods, and readily at hand well paying and meaningful jobs. But all of this recreational drug usage, safe, well built cities demolished by minorities when the whites sold it to them for pennies on the dollar, and buggery uber alles; go ahead, look at what you had by 1955 and now look at what a shadow of it things are now.

I just want to live long enough to see the liberals devoured by the world of their making.


I need your help with this one. When a pizza house refuses to host a reception for an event with which they don’t want their business associated, they are haters and bigots and harassed until their business is closed. When a musician demands that a politician stop using his music because he does not believe in the politician’s mission, it’s not fascist, bigoted hate speech even, as the Dropkick Murphys said about Scott Walker, “We really hate you.”  Neil young can say “I will not have my music used in Trump’s campaign” but a cake maker cannot say “I will not have my company’s designs used to promote that way of living.”

If the musician licensed his music via ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, as long as the campaign paid its usage fee, how can he say where the music can be used? And if it’s not licensed somewhere, what are the rules? How come he can have a say in who uses his music based on what issues he holds common and which he has a problem agreeing with, and the rights of a bed & breakfast owner or a photographer making the same discernment choice, just over a different issue, get considered not only null and void, but get the people ostracized?


Hilary Clinton’s idea about abortion is that if you are opposed to it, you should simply change your religion, and resulting moral world view, so you can accept it.

This is exactly, precisely, why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is needed, not for sexual deviants per se, though it would be interesting if gene therapy was devised to cure sodomites and provided through the Affordable Care Act, but I digress.

It is for when an amoral sociopath becomes the chief of national health care.