I feel like whizzing all over someone’s shoes, so here I am.  I may post more, or I may not.  I’m rather fed up anyway, and now with many of the so-called conservatives as much as with the usual idiot Left.  The Dems can make alliances between groups that hate each other otherwise, but the GOP cannot get groups with bleed over in their Venn diagrams to support each other.  So if you won’t support me, to hell with you then too.  Oh, that’s un-Christian?  It’s normally non-Chrstians who say that, so who cares.  When I say “That’s wrong,” I get “Don’t impose your morals on me; we’re a secular nation.”  Then when I suggest that we should’ve released plague into Afghanistan to win the war without American casualties, I get, “You need to be more Christlike.”  Sometimes the situation calls for turning over tables and bull whipping those who are in sore need of it.  I make a sad excuse of a martyr anyway, and much more fit the bill for crusader.  Passive is not my mode of operation.

I laugh when I see the crunchy granola so-called poor-loving former hippies supporting the worst rober baron capitalists since Vanderbilt and Carnegie as they bitch about Koch Brothers.  The Kochs are a known entity and no one tries to explain them away.  Soros working with the Nazis pointing out which properties were owned by Jews, now that requires some gymnastics that an Olympic gymnast would have trouble performing.  Never mind that both parties have long ago effed the common man.  Both sides support the wage depressing flood of illegal immigrants.  Obama goes to West Virginia and tells the coal miners to their faces that he was going to shut down their industry and end their way of life and they yelled “Whee!” and put him in, then wondered “W’happ’n?” when their mines shuttered.  Same for Trumka who thought the ACA was tits until companies were dumping his rank and file onto the public exchanges, then he decided it was toxic.

Indiana passes Right to Work and experiences extremely low revenues for this year so far.  You’re not going to get money from people who make $7-10 an hour, you idiots.  There used to be a situation where you could walk out your door and go somewhere where you made a good living, at least adequate for a family to not starve and at least have an apartment, and they trained you if they liked you and wanted to keep you.  And if the place was a circus, you got on the bus and hired in at the place 5 minutes west of there, and dropped anchor if it was a good fit.  The worst you were was broke, and you earned while you learned, and it didn’t ruin the company.  Now these companies got people suckered into front loading $80,000+ of education with not even a guarantee of a job, so you can as easily end up in a coffeehouse as in the job of your skill-set.

When BMW hinted it was building a plant in Slovakia as soon as that country got founded so it can make Bimmers with $10 an hour Slovak labor instead of $20 German labor, the free state of Bayern said very well, but if you did, you’d be banned from selling BMWs in Bavaria, forever.  BMW didn’t build the plant.  I’d die if an American Congressman had that set of balls.