This society tends toward the plain, the unadorned, the bland, and celebrates the ugly.  Look at the unemployment line during the 1930’s Depression on  Every man there is in a suit and hat.  Look at old product logos.  AT&T had this in 1939.  It told you what they did, and who they were.  1939 ATT Logo

Now they have this.  What the hell does this tell you about AT&T?AT&T_globe

I went to a church in Chicago that celebrates the old Latin Rite Tridentine Mass, but this time I went for their celebration of the New Mass.  I never saw the new Mass said this reverently.  If not for the language being English and the greatly reduced mannerisms, you’d think it was a stripped down Tridentine Mass.  I now understand people who knew the old Mass and why many were upset about how the new one came crashing in and their ornate sanctuaries got stripped of beauty.

And stock certificates.  The one for Dell at least has the spider web border. Dell Stock

but it’s nothing like this baby from 100 years previous:  Mining Stock

In the 1980’s, women wore makeup and permed their hair, wore dresses, and were feminine  Linda Purl

Today, this is voted the most eligible bachelorette in New York City by OK Cupid: 2014 Girl

Oh, for the love of God, where did we go wrong?  But as it goes, the lack of striving for the beautiful in the visual begets the lack of striving for it in other aspects, and so you get ugly slogan shouting instead of ideals.  We have gone from putting love and beauty into the most humble of roadside rural chapels Orthodox Chapel

to the ghastly Mies God Box.  God Box