It’s hilarious to see all of these talking heads on the tewee get excited over Clippers’ owner Sterling’s secretly recorded comments. Nowhere but in our currently dysfunctional, ate up society can a tired old Jew (Sterling’s family name is Tokowitz), who let his little head do the thinking, have his privacy shattered by the release of what to him was a secret one on one conversation, then have his problem with his half black, half latina girlfriend turn what is his request for her to keep her daliances with black athletes from being thrown in his face, making him a laughingstock to his friends, be turned into a racial issue between the whites and the blacks, flame fanning provided amply by Al Sharpton (who I’ll get to in a bit).

Sharpton says the Clippers should be taken away from Sterling. And Sharpton promises a rally soon. I remember when Sharpton held a rally in Crown Heights NYC and it resulted in two men dead and several others seriously injured by the AfAms who were worked up into a frenzy by Sharpton. Neither Sharpton nor his thugs were ever convicted of a hate crime. In fact, he has a nationally broadcasted show that gives him considerable money and exposure. The actual, real death and damage he inflicted on people got him his rise. Don’t even get me started on his involvement in the Tawana Brawley thing. But now this same one is calling for the theft of a business from a man who, though his language was not to the liking of the general populace, never harmed one hair on anyone’s head.

Sterling owns a team in an industry dominated by blacks, has a half black girlfriend, and paid his players well enough to attract the kind of talent that took the Clippers from league laughingstock to playoff status. If he loathed blacks so much, what gives?

Steve Sailer provides the best, most comprehensive coverage so far. He does not isolate the money quote, but gives background on the conversation and the people involved as a whole. Sterling’s mistress waves her other lovers under his nose, his wife is suing the mistress, and what does he do? Tries to talk Big Ideas with the bubblehead. Of course he was entrapped, of course she was coached to a) ask pointed questions, then b) record and illegally release the conversation to the press.

If I did what she did, I’d go to jail. Charles Barkley openly says in public he hates white people and does not lose any property. Farrakhan has made a living off of hating on whitey without losing any of the properties or businesses in his empire. But the true racists who make money and fame by yapping up racism stand to gain now they found a replacement for the dead subject of Mr. Skittlles.

I for one do not care what Sterling thinks of anyone. His team hires based on talent, it turns no one away from attending based on race. This is a situation as old as Samson and Delilah, the first Hebrew to let a piece of ass mess up his program. He was dumb enough to fall in love with his friend with benefits, his bedroom playmate. The minute she decided to show him up, he should’ve gone to the next cheerleader practice and picked one from the lineup. But no, and so his wife has a lawsuit against her, she got him on record whining about her black lovers, and so it goes.

Of all the people having a huff, zero have been impacted by Sterling nor his personal beliefs. Unlike all the offended liberals who live in SWPL white enclaves and act like they’re better (it’s hard for me to tell what is less diverse, Lollopalooza, SXSW, or a David Allen Coe concert), I’d love to wire the hypocrites and broadcast the stuff they say when they think no one’s listening.