So now Sterling is banned from association with the NBA, and by extension the team he owns, for life. All because of the release of private comments that if you or I recorded and released, we’d be sued for doing so. He is deprived of enjoying the property he legally owns and for which he paid the market rate for no greater crime than saying words of which someone does not approve, to a woman that his wife is suing, a woman who has all of the motive in the world to wreck his life. The asp that he clutched to his chest, with expected effect.

To my knowledge, he never missed a payroll to his black athletes while paying his non-black ones. Not has he stocked his roster in favor of non-blacks, even in his team’s rotten days. He has a part black girlfriend. He was given a lifetime award by the NAACP. No fan was turned away from the turn style or ticket window for being black.

He never spat in white customers’ food, like Jesse Jackson admits freely to have done. He never got a bunch of rioters excited enough to kill Jews, like Al Sharpton did. He never stomped a man to death, like Don King once did. None of those lose a dime over these heinous crimes, two of which are blatantly hate crimes.

But he loses a billion dollar + business, because someone did not like the words he said in private. Same as Paula Deen losing her income over something she said 30 years ago when the black thug was pointing a gun to her head.

Just let it sink in.