I grew up watching John Coleman describe the weather. Not give the weather, not read the weather, but get a grade schooler interested in learning how to read the sky, the wind, the smell of the air, and know how to dress for the day when John Coleman was not available to tell me. He lived the weather, for he loved weather, and did it in a fun way to get and keep your interest.

He describes in his blog linked above on how he not only does not believe in globe-wide warming, but knows it’s fakery cloaked in scientific speak to allow global warmists to make serious coin off of the taxpayer. In the late 70’s we were due for a new ice age, since our factory pollutants’ blocking of the sun was cooling off the planet. When all the books that could be sold about the new ice age were sold, scientists spun around and said those same pollutants were warming the earth like a greenhouse. When all the books that could be sold about the new hot planet were sold, science changed it to climate change, so you no longer had to perform a polarity shift in your thinking, and cal sell all sorts of books next to each other on the table of the bookstore without a glint of irony on how studies of the same meta data can say up and down, left and right, black and white, at the same time.

No wonder I remain a Catholic, and haven’t become a scientism follower. Science takes more belief to swallow than I have.