I’m worn out from the pro-diseased minded marriage push, and didn’t want to add to the cacophony.  Thousands of barrels of ink have been used in print, man-hours of talk, and in return, the sodomites got to be the center of attention all damned year, and in some way or other for the past decade. They win whether they win or lose a vote or court case, for they are the top story, page one above the fold in the news box.

The push has been for same sex marriage. And the paradox of it was it was the straights who waged the fight on both sides, and who got the most excited. I cannot believe the push WAS for making marriage available, for all, for love. Otherwise, why the hate from the gay spokesmen toward plural marriage? Mention polygamy to them, and they freak out NONONONO, cannot be.

It sure is not to be left ALONE to their nefarious devices. Polygamists go to secret towns in the forest to live their lives, still doing their thing in spite of potential raids by the feds sticking their noses into the bedroom and regulating that. I wonder how many Muslim immigrants live plural marriages in this country, but are wily enough to live under the radar with it, and have the main marriage recognized by the government, but the others by Allah alone, who in their religion is the only one whose opinion matters. There is nothing to stop a homosexual couple from going out somewhere with some official of some type (from the state of fabulous for all I care) to proclaim a marriage, then coming back and plugging along with no fanfare.

But oh, no, no fanfare is not the goal. That is why once the activist courts all but institute homosexual marriage as normal and expected, that the real fight has just begun. Find a method to change someone’s orientation, then open a counseling center to change lives? Laws are being made to make that illegal, though how many times do people with alternative lifestyles change orientation, even as much as they swear they’re born that way and cannot change? I know a woman who for the past 20 years I’d swear was as lesbian as they come, with a string of quite violent relationships to go with her cigar chewing, rough and tumble personality. She married a male doctor this year. Another who wore a flat top crew cut and walked, swore, talked like she was R. Lee Ermey, then lost 50 pounds and married a man. A third was married to a guy and had a son, “discovered” herself, got divorced, cut off her long hair, and lived with a woman while running a coffeehouse. I saw her last month hugging and kissing on a guy at the corner bar, and when she saw me, shot me a “if you say a word I’ll kill you” look. Why are you so afraid I’ll ask “I thought you liked girls?” I thought it was your identity, along with being a point of pride. How many were fully blown homosexuals in prison, the straight when out of it?

Another way they’ll stay the center of attention is by suing churches and pastors who refuse to perform marriages. Forget about challenging them to sue mosques. That will not happen, and they don’t care if they have no integrity and are prejudiced against Christians. They know they are hypocrites, and like it that way. The point is to twist your arm and bully you into going to hell for their convenience. No one cares if one bakery will not bake them a cake. I’d rather have someone say no, so I can go to someone who is pleased to do the job, rather than chance someone doing a farmer’s sneeze on it out of spite in return for the coercion. Priests and ministers have refused STRAIGHT couples for a host of reasons; they didn’t think the couple was marrying for permanence and family but thought they were too flip about it or doing it on a lark, they don’t believe in remarriage when one or both of the parties got a civil divorce, but not a church annulment, they believe one or both of the parties HAD a valid and therefore unbreakable previous marriage. Sodomites like to think they are the only ones on Earth, so they think theirs is the only type of combination upon which clergy frown.

To turn you against God’s way, knowing you ruin yourself forever, just to make them happy. To run doctrinally faithful priests and ministers from the Chaplain ministry in the military. To run Christian charities out of the adoption process. To sue and shutter churches that do not comply and jail clergy who do not conform. To silence any science that can change their plight, even if that science can change a lot of other diversities and therefore maker a lot of people’s load be lighter. To turn everyday Main Street into the Folsom Street Fair. To totally urinate on anything good in society. I cannot imagine any other way they’d stay in the spotlight.