So in bookend stories, one woman decapitated her three month old, and another responding to a CraigsList ad for baby clothes had her preborn baby ripped from her womb.

Horrified? We’ve been encouraging women to walk into abortion clinics for 40 years to willingly rip 50 million babies from their mothers’ wombs. Those babies were chemically burned to death or pulled out piece by piece before they were even dead. Silent Scream wasn’t a cartoon; it was a documentary. Do that to an enemy combatant trying to kill you and destroy your homeland, and you’re brought before the Hague for war crimes. Medical ethicists are already promoting “post birth abortions” as long as the person (oh, they’ll define them as an un-person much as the preborn baby has been) has no sense of self.

From the last link: “When circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.” (Their italics.) Western societies approve abortion because they have reached a consensus that a fetus is not a person; they should acknowledge that by the same definition a newborn isn’t a person either. Neither fetus nor baby has developed a sufficient sense of his own life to know what it would be like to be deprived of it. The kid will never know the difference, in other words. A newborn baby is just a fetus who’s hung around a bit too long.

Make sure you have a pat answer at the ready when the Future asks you what was your stance in the Dark Ages.