I need your help with this one. When a pizza house refuses to host a reception for an event with which they don’t want their business associated, they are haters and bigots and harassed until their business is closed. When a musician demands that a politician stop using his music because he does not believe in the politician’s mission, it’s not fascist, bigoted hate speech even, as the Dropkick Murphys said about Scott Walker, “We really hate you.”  Neil young can say “I will not have my music used in Trump’s campaign” but a cake maker cannot say “I will not have my company’s designs used to promote that way of living.”

If the musician licensed his music via ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, as long as the campaign paid its usage fee, how can he say where the music can be used? And if it’s not licensed somewhere, what are the rules? How come he can have a say in who uses his music based on what issues he holds common and which he has a problem agreeing with, and the rights of a bed & breakfast owner or a photographer making the same discernment choice, just over a different issue, get considered not only null and void, but get the people ostracized?