I guess a bankrupt society gets that way the same way financial bankruptcy happens; very slowly, then all at once. It makes it all not worth writing about, since writing just gives the other side ammo, not that they won’t make it all up as they go anyway.

It’ll all keep going until the Eagle fails to land twice in a row in welfare mailboxes, or there is an interruption in the sports or t.v. schedule. Bread and circuses, you know.

Though I cling to the thought that Trump entered the race as an agent provocateur to mess the GOP up for a Hilary win, at least they’re entertaining about it. There is no way they’ll let a true populist who would bring a fair deal to the mass of people get in. They’d ruin him the way they went after Palin, or they’d shun him into oblivion like Huckabee and Santorum. If that doesn’t work, they’d snuff him.

I fail to see what the ruling class sees in ruining the county’s traditions and morals, safe neighborhoods, and readily at hand well paying and meaningful jobs. But all of this recreational drug usage, safe, well built cities demolished by minorities when the whites sold it to them for pennies on the dollar, and buggery uber alles; go ahead, look at what you had by 1955 and now look at what a shadow of it things are now.

I just want to live long enough to see the liberals devoured by the world of their making.