I figure Sarah Palin endorses Trump because of the way the GOP establishment gave her the treatment and the bum’s rush in 2008 and afterward. They used her to woo the blue collar conservatives with her populist credentials, but expected her to shut up and do the beauty queen wave for McCain, and were shook up when she outshone him, as evidenced by the Palin/McCain stickers and banners that soon appeared at rallies. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, and if getting Trump the nomination will be a sword in the ribs of those who damaged her, well, there goes it.

But other conservatives who support him, I don’t get their blindness.  This is the new Fred Phelps, the Southern Poverty Law Center lawyer and lifelong liberal D who took on the Andrew Dice Clay like Westboro persona to smear Christian conservatives. Except Trump is there to be a lightning rod for hate to transfer it to the whole conservative movement.