I cannot think of purpose to any more posts. It doesn’t edify or convince, it’s preaching to the choir. All it does is provide a rope to those who would hang you. I simply want to survive the troubles long enough to see those who caused it get it before me. But here’s a parting shot.

The reds like William Ayers and Saul Alinsky want blood in the streets. Fair enough. They are the culture of death who promote abortion as a holy sacrament, and perverted deviance as a lifestyle, to force those who know better to celebrate, though it’s a societal dead end, while destroying and deriding life affirming and propagating traditional marriage. They were anti-war as long as a guy they didn’t like was in charge, but didn’t see a war they didn’t like under Clinton or Obama. In the name of civil rights and equality they reduced a huge percentage of the blacks to a state of kept pets. Liars and deceivers in all they do. They then call anyone who disagrees a bigoted hater. But I have never seen as white of a gathering as a Lollapalooza concert, and the liberal hipster takeover of a neighborhood is nothing short of an ethnic cleansing of it from being a black ghetto to a white boutique pitti-pat lane so thorough you’d think Bull Connor was in charge of real estate sales. I’ve been to Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean, and other left of center activities and ethnically may as well had been at a David Allen Coe concert. Just about anything Sanders related has seemed to be just as blindingly white. Blacks seem to have noticed too, as they all vote Hilary and leave Sanders with a voter record that could pass as one George Wallace would’ve had. I’ve lived and worked in more diverse climates then they’d dare to enter, and I don’t hate but also don’t put on a pedestal anyone not of my ethnicity. But I’m the savage animal.

But there is a critical mass of people who have said, “Screw it, I’m a bigot. No matter what I do to put my head up my ass to see life from your point of view, if I disagree with the Affordable Care Act or the policy in Syria, or if I say no two men don’t make a marriage and you can’t stand on my parish’s steps with a marriage certificate demanding nuptuals, I’m a Klansman and a hatey McHatehate for the rest of my life, so I’m tired of holding out, and accept my role as a bigot.” Also, promoting and living on Gospel teachings is hate speech. This has caused Trump to lead in the primary. And the left caused it. Happy? You took a large cadre of people, made villians out of them, and secularized them. So if they’re bigots anyway, how can you marvel when some students hold up white power signs at a basketball game? I’m tired of Sanders saying whites don’t know poverty because they’re not black, as well as poor whites being called losers and the butt of jokes and nasty articles that wouldn’t be considered fit for print if it was about any other group. I don’t have to degrade myself to make you better, and resent those who insist this be the case. I shouldn’t have to train my Indian or Indonesian H1B replacement and shut up about it because I’m racist for wanting to stop the open border of job stealers.

As of this date I still think Trump is a Hilary game, but that does not keep me from admiring that he drew out the conservative populists en masse. They may not have intended to do so, and they may not know they awoke a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve. The fact that the press and establishment of both parties are against him make me support his run. The leftists over a 2 week period on Twitter ginned up a revolt in Chicago, and are being as superlative as they can to get him killed. That makes me like him. Soros said he’s slicing open the purse and giving boucou money to fight Trump makes me support Trump. In the vein of “I like him for the qualities of his enemies,” the fact that GOP elite with a number of billionaires of both D and R ilk had a secret, invite-only meeting on a secluded Georgia island makes me a super fan of his campaign. Now, I hope he proves me wrong if elected, but I expect him to preside as a Hilary Democrat instead of as a Vladimir Zhirinovsky, but if I’m wrong I’ll be a surprised and happy pessimist.

I will not hang my head in shame of my heredity. I will not pay reparations when trillions were spent on both the Great Society and White Flight where vast tracts of the best urban landscape were sold to the Africans just to see them piddle it all away into a wasteland. I don’t cotton to the debasement and destruction of the American of European descent as an answer to past misdeeds, and resent the 1% elite destroying the Euro-American blue and white collar worker through illegal labor, offshoring, quotas, other HR mickey-mousing, union busting, drug abuse glorifying, or culture destroying. And when the authorities hired to protect the nation allow foreigners to rape our teenaged women (like in Rotherham, England), refuse to arrest them when they rape-riot on New Year’s Eve (like in Cologne, Germany), or be told (thank God some refused and did their jobs anyway) not to arrest anyone trying to shut down a legal and paid-for presidential rally (like in Chicago, Illinois), I can’t think of any other term than treason to describe such a dereliction of duty in the name of Political Correctness. Hell, even the Lincoln/Douglas debates on the eve of the Civil War were safe to attend for audience and candidate alike, and when South Carolina seceded and the break-up began, West Point allowed Southern students to quickly pack and return to their respective states if they wished to not serve the Union.

But this is a dangerous thing, a rise of the people; not the brigands with nothing to lose, but those who lost enough and want to get it back. The ones really in charge killed Huey Long then sullied his memory, damn nearly offed FDR, got both Kennedys. They hobbled Reagan who was a fire & brimstone populist at the beginning of his 1980 campaign until he was “spoken to” and saddled with CIA chief and connected One Worlder Bush once it became apparent he wasn’t going away like the past 2 times. Maybe Teddy Roosevelt lived through his trust busting and regulating the big corporate octopus because like an Andrew Jackson, he was too mean to die. Ike warned us about what was on the horizon, and Nixon did what he could at the time. “But he made too many enemies, of the people who would keep us on our knees, hooray for Donald J. Trump, hooray for Donald John Trump!” – no apologies for changing the XTC lyrics.

We can either have a center-right government of responsible adults hash this all out as has happened across Eastern Europe, or they can brand everyone Hitler and usher in a Hitler. Even Israel is done with the left, 50% polled being center or center-right, 40% right wing Netanyahu fans. Remember, it was the communists who did everything they could to undercut the Weimar Republic that made it possible for a Hitler, who at first was only able to get people to his rallies via free beer. It was the commies who fomented a revolution against all traditional institutions church state and family in the Gramsican way in post WW I Italy that led to Mussolini’s “everything in the state, nothing outside the state” true Fascist rule where he replaced his party for the institutions once they were discredited by the reds. Red kidnappings and violence preceded the Pinochet and Argentine junta takeovers.

Too many people just trying to get by are harmed in a revolt, and many of the rats find a way off the ship when the troubles come close to them. But there are too many reds who want blood in the streets to make me think I’ll die peacefully in my sleep in a quiet little hamlet. I try to not hate since it is demonic energy not of the Lord (there I go with my religious, bigoted hate speech again), but damn these liberals bring out the purple-black hatred from my veins. “I hate them for making hate necessary.” – Michael Collins

Want me to be less of a bible thumper. Fine. How do you like me now?