Well, the antifa (which I figure they named to sound like the antifida, the populist uprising of Palestinians against the hated Jew) is in full swing, with its billionaire backing. See, the left is all for people’s uprisings, especially fake ones, as long as it’s the right people. You think the government will protect you against leftist rebels? The mayor of Berkeley is a member of antifa and supporter of its street violence. One of the antifa members who was doxxed in spite of his wearing a face covering turns out to be a teacher in a local university so yeah, it is the establishment fighting in the streets against you. The police will be there for you? Ha, these are the people who give the police their orders.

All the Trump worshipers can go home now. It would’ve been worse under the Harridan, then when her illness got bad, under Kaine, and Trump is somewhat a brake on a long and heavy train, but now you see that except for a few smattering of crumbs thrown to the working class, it’s the same old situation. He filled offices with Goldman Sachs people, doing a lot of the same old neocon stuff.

But the left keeps on with its disturbance of civic life. And as it does so, discrediting conservatives as Worse than Hitler and carrying on like stuck pigs if someone doesn’t marry their freaks or actively participate in their crap (it was never about baking a cake, the bakers were expected to stand in the wedding). Fine, drive out the religious right from public discourse. Now let’s have the atheist right take up the guide-on.


Well left, you got what you wanted. If Rev. Billy Graham and grandmas with Right to Life praying outside of baby murder stations are Worse than Hitler, don’t cry when you create a vacuum where you get the worst, and then don’t have recourse because you cried wolf so many times, no one will buy it when you do run into Worse than Hitler. You will create Worse than Hitler, not the conservatives. You love death and deviation so much, don’t cry when the other side flips and finds those things attractive to them, too. Look at how much love the right showed that Milo already; they don’t care what he does with whomever or his defense of young love as long as he supports their cause, no different than left support for the Alan Ginsbergs and Roman Polanskis. When the leftist reverends speak of abortion and euthanasia as secular sacraments and you even have reverends blessing abortion facilities, what’s the difference between a random application of this killing and a more planned scientific program if the right accepts them too. And since you shamed the religiosity out of them, if there really is no after life and we are all nothing but animated meat who forget we even existed upon death like your IFL Science folk hammer, what moral high ground do you have to complain about then?

At least in 1980s Poland and Czechoslovakia they had an already disparaged left that had no standing as they were deposed in favor of nationalist populists who had no hatred of other groups, just a want to make Poland good for the Poles, a Czech Republic for the Czechs, then when the Slovaks wanted their own land not shared with another large group, a peaceful division birthing a Slovak state. The Baltic states may have forcibly expelled the Russians who were forcibly moved in to purposely dilute the local ethnic population during Soviet days, but they didn’t corral and kill them.

But our precious left will with its Che worship will birth a quite different right in its wake. As much as I loathe and am disgusted by the left, I greatly fear the right that they will gin up. Mainly because the right will become populated with leftist warriors who flip once the tide turns, so you’ll have the same amoral, bloodthirsty beast in different clothing.

I’m just amazed at the hate the left has for the Jewish State and Netanyahu, who’s doing his hardest to ensure its survival. Of course their antifa leader is a self-hating Jew who spent his teens pointing out properties owned by his folk so the Nazis could seize them. The right wing hatred of Jews is as tiresome as hearing blacks always blame whitey for the fact that they the blacks themselves buy up neighborhoods of housing at a discount and it is all in a demolished state within 10 years, or how we “forced” them onto crack in the 80s. The Jew runs the dope and porn industries? It’s whitey who dumps his money into that by the billions. It was 100% WASP owned industries who created the horrendous pay and conditions of the Industrial Revolution and as I look over the Pacific, it’s Chinese poisoning Chinese with pollution and bad working conditions. To me the Englishman had more to do with world domination than and Jews. Of course when all goes bad the higher-ups will shield themselves and it will be the Jewish mom and pop storefront owners and regular working doctors and accountants and such facing the mob. Same as it ever was. I understand the Euro American being tired of taking the blame for everything up to eclipses and earthquakes (oops, fracking, they cause earthquakes, too, evil white man!) but dang, quit acting like feminists who simultaneously say women are equal and should be in combat with men while crying foul when a guy socks one in the mouth when she’s swinging away in a street skirmish.